The Chimney Man
The Chimney Man is a chimney sweeping company which was
started in 2000 in Jackson, Ms. and founded by Armon Johnson.
We are CSIA certified and a member of NCSG and we also
carry liability insurance. We serve the entire Central Mississippi
area and we will go beyond. Our company is guaranteed to
provide you with quality service within your every need. The
company's spectrum  includes chimney sweeping to relining,
chimney cap installation and video inspections, we also clean dryer vents
and gutters. It is extremely necessary to have your chimney cleaned in
order to prevent smells, clogging, and most importantly fires. All of our
inspections and cleanings are done thoroughly to our customers
satisfaction. Safety and your satisfaction are our number one
priority in serving you. Feel free to contact us for estimates and
scheduling. 601-291-7226
Services we offer
The Chimney Man " At Your Service"
Did you know?
Did you know creosoe is flammable and if you have it
in your chimney it could easily catch fire?

Did you know wood gives off carbon monoxide and if
not properly vented can cause sickness or death
Servicing Hinds, Madison, Rankin, year round. Servicing outside
areas February-October  (additional charges will apply).
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Dryer Vent Cleaning And Gutters
We Also Clean Dryer Vents And Gutters